Content discovery for the spoken word

We use AI to solve the biggest problems for all of your voice and video.

Search, discover, understand and find.

Save time and money, improve communications by unlocking the value in every audio and video file.


How It Works

Voice is everywhere in every organisation. It exists in every single interaction. The challenge has always been to efficiently derive value from the spoken word, then use it effectively. Sonnant has solved these challenges by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our vast experience working in business environments.


Why Choose Sonnant


Time saving workflows

Sonnant is easy to use for staff, clients, shareholders, students, customers and prospects. Automate costly, time consuming tasks. 

Record, transcribe, share, search and discover any voice content. Meetings, presentations, seminars, training, events, client launches and anywhere voice or video.

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Ai brilliance - stay ahead of the curve

Quickly, and easily, find what you need so you can better engage your staff, customers and prospects. Sonnant provides consumption and speaker summaries ensure that you maximise engagement, clarity and communication.

Internal and external benefits

All your spoken content centralised, accessible across the organisation - shareable, trackable, accessible - with deep analytics of what’s valuable and what’s not. Our clients enjoy a reduction in overheads, quicker turnaround, seamless integrations. Your customers and staff will easily obtain key extracts, insights and actions leading to more sales, more accuracy and better outcomes.

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Decades of experience in providing incredible software with customer service and support. 

Knowledge is power

Sonnant unpacks every spoken word from your files, and creates maximum value for these assets.

Essential deliverables

Incredibly low price

Transcripts, captions and a content library for every single file. Outstanding value.

Search and discovery

Effective uses

Automate costly, time consuming tasks and enhance audience communications.

Context and content

Maximise engagement

Never miss a word, and ensure that colleagues and customers get all essential messages.

Financial benefits

Return on investment

All spoken content centralised, accessible within Sonnant - shareable, trackable, accessible.



What industries do you work with?

We have clients from almost every single imaginable industry. We have strength and knowledge in all aspects of business and especially digital content and media. Our customers focus on: client content, digital media, customer and internal meetings and communications, training and seminars and podcasting.

Other transcription services exist, why you?

Sonnant is far more than a transcription solution, but our transcription and captioning solution is pretty darn good. Our clients want more value from their content, and Sonnant gives that, more importantly we deliver: speed, accuracy, a cost effective solution, ease of use, a secure platform all delivered by a trusted team.

How accurate is Sonnant?

Sonnant is incredibly accurate if your audio recording is a reasonable quality. Tests have shown our accuracy as high as all major solutions. Importantly, if you want a human editor, the Sonnant team can arrange that for you and have turn around times to suit. If you want to edit yourself, we have a built in editor ready for you or your team.

What can AI do for my audio and video?

So much value remains trapped in every audio and video file. Sonnant unpacks this value and gives you valuable / easy to use tools to extract every ounce of value; embed a search bar for clients to find information, understand sentiment, extract topics and phrases and our AI will put this information to use in your business.

How can we help you today?

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